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Shenzhen New High-quality Sports Goods Co., Ltd., headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, is a professional manufacturer of indoor and outdoor golf course products. It has been engaged in research and development of golf products for more than ten years. The company's products include golf, golf clubs, ball bags, carts, green, service boxes, hit pads, swing pads, exercise nets and other exercise supplies, accessories, clothing, exercise supplies and course equipment, covering a number of production areas of golf supplies.

Golf Hit Pad

At the same time, the high-quality company with strong professional production technology and excellent production equipment is also the production partner of accessories products of world-famous golf brands. In 2005, the company registered and produced a series of "high-quality" golf products. As the company's main product, it has been highly appraised by domestic golf professionals and is known as "China Golf". The main production enterprises with national brands.

In 2008, the Jiangsu Golf Open "High-quality Cup" sponsored by the company has achieved great success, which has been positively affirmed by the Jiangsu Golf Association and all walks of life. In 2009, the company will continue to sponsor the events organized by the Jiangsu Provincial Association of Higher Learning, so as to play an active role in improving the level of golf in Jiangsu Province and in the all-round development of socialization of golf. Effect.

At present, the company has set up "high-quality" golf products sales service outlets in major cities throughout the country, and has maintained a strategic partnership with "China University Golf Training Summer Camp". At the same time, it provides various sponsorships and establishes "high-quality" scholarships for many domestic golf professional colleges, which is also the company's professional and high-quality service purpose, and for China's Golf products. The development of national enterprises plays an active role in training more golf professionals.

The company's operating purpose is to help you understand and learn golf with the most intimate service.

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